English Conversation Online

Although I stopped for a while, It has been several years since I  started taking English conversation lessons on online.

I had used Weblio, wirh a plan allowing me to use it  eight times a month, but I have changed Weblio to DMM, which allows me to use it every day.

This is because I felt I was making slow progress with the material of Weblio.

I'm weak at English vocabulary and grammar.

I wanted to learn grammar but I had trouble since it was very boring and difficult.

Now I'm studying "Grammar in Use: Advanced" on DMM with teachers.



They are glad to explain grammar during the lesson.

I wonder if my English is getting better.

I don't think to use English much at work, so I can't spend much money on English.

However, English is interesting, so I enjoy it every day!

By the way, I have a hard time pronouncing the 'R' sound.

When will I overcome this?

I want to be fluent in a global language.


PS : This book, under below, is very useful for keeping a diary!

I recommend it to you.