Yesterday Was My Birthday!

Now I'm 34 years old!

At my age, I don't really expect anyone to celebrate my birthday with me.

Birthdays, however, are special no matter how old you are!

Yesterday, my best friend came to my house and was glad to celebrate my birthday!

She gave me a Lunasol eye shadow that I wanted and two delicious peaches that she bought at the Kintetsu department store☆

Thank you my friend!!!


She, my fiancee and I enjoyed chatting up.

My fiancee gave me a pretty umbrella!

I'm happy!!!!


Also, he give me a secondhand closet.

I'm satisfied because I have lots of clothes.


My fiancee's birthday is September 1st.

So he and I are going to have a special lunch on August 31st!


I'm already looking forward to my next birthday ;)


PS : This book, under below, is very useful for keeping a diary!

I recommend it to you.